Imagine if you will a world where mankind has conquered disease, famine and intolerance… a world of limitless possibilities where new and fantastic technologies are announced nearly every week.

The human lifespan has increased to 200 years and a time of unparalleled cooperation and prosperity has allowed science to turn to new dreams… among them human augmentation. Cybernetics, mind-over-matter brain implants, super men with incredible physical power provided by chemical enhancement…

However in the midst of this golden age human are still after all… human.

Suspicion grew between friends and allies over what new human augments might not be shared… and to what use these super humans might be put to…

A new and subtle cold war began which inevitably lead to posturing, political subterfuge, and acts of aggression.

Once the war began there was no turning back… pleas of reason were made which fell upon deaf ears. The bloodletting was unprecedented in the history of the human race. The new technology produced super weapons, which could turn a single soldier into the equivalent of an armored division using conventional weapons and equipment.

In mankind’s quest for reason and knowledge there was no room for mysticism and magic… the ley lines that the ancients realized existed were forgotten and dormant… however the destruction which released so many souls and their energy were drank in by the ley lines until finally they could hold no more and in an attempt to rebalance the universe a titanic storm of magic erupted killing millions more further disrupting the balance… rifts were torn open in the very fabric of space and time and sometimes things spilled through by accident or intent.

The world was laid waste as hordes of dimensional beings poured forth from the rifts… some were simply stranded on an alien world and trying to survive the best they could others were demons or supernatural predators. Human civilization crumbled and fell into darkness for 200 years…

Eventually humans began to discover some intact remains of their glorious past… they put the technology back to work and created super soldiers, power armor, combat robots and high powered weapons… and humans under the leadership of the newly formed Coalition States began to fight back.

This is the story of a five man Special Forces team… it is a tale of friendship, trust, tragedy and triumph… you could be a part of it.

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Fight for the Human Race